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We call it “The Stage.”

By November 15, 2013Doing it Right

CrossFit OFB Website DesignWhat’s the stage?

It’s the in-process website link for our clients to access at anytime so they can be in the loop on progress and collaborate with us on ideas as they come to life.

The stage is so important to successful website projects. We don’t just call our clients up one day and say, “Alright! You’re website is live – It may look a little different than you were expecting, but no big deal, you’ll love it!” No way! Our clients know whats up with their site every step of the way.

For example, here’s a sneak peek at the stage for New Zealand’s CrossFit OFB. Look at the top menu… it’s so cramped! This is when the design team would show the stage to our client and recommend doing some alterations to the header design or re-arranging the menu and re-evaluating the hierarchy of pages and sub pages. As the website comes to life with our clients’ content, it’s important to us that they are aware of instances that could change what they were expecting their website to look like.

Sometimes clients don’t have a preference on these things and we are given instruction to just do what we do best.  In those cases, the stage still comes in handy for updates and developing content.

So now you know about the stage.

The stage is awesome.

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