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NEPA CrossFit is too hot to handle.

CrossFit Website

ResponsiveNepaCrossFitNEPA CrossFit is one of those places where you know the people are being modest about their footprint in the CrossFit community.

They are extremely savvy, have a top-notch facility, and cultivate competitive athletes.

NEPA CrossFit is one of the largest affiliates on the East Coast. Brennan, the owner, is known for his professionalism. His coaches are full-time and you’ll know who they are because they all wear matching shirts. As you can imagine, brand image is important to Brennan, as it should be. This philosophy is more apparent than ever on the new and improved website.

As we’ve said before, professional photography is a huge advantage and Brennan delivered. We were able to use multiple images throughout the website that really provoke a connection with website viewers.

Unusual among CrossFit affiliate websites, was Brennan’s audience focus for the new website. He wanted to use the website as a marketing platform specific to reaching new members. You’ll see everything from program overviews, schedule, information about CrossFit, promotions, and contact information. You won’t see daily WODs, blog posts or events. This kind of tailored business objective for the website has proven to work very well for them.

Finally, we built a “secret” page, better known as a landing page, so that Brennan can run his own promotions on Facebook that link directly to that page. We told you NEPA CrossFit was savvy!

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