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nepaCrossFitAccording to CrossFit® Inc.’s How to Affiliate webpage –

“Once you are affiliated, you will need to have a live website before we will be able to link you on the CrossFit site. This is our primary vehicle for promoting you; therefore, we expect you maintain a good site. Please do not register a domain with the CrossFit name in it until after your affiliate application has been approved; CrossFit is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal. Please see the Website Checklist for more detailed information.”

Notice how they expect you to maintain a “good site.” Well what does that mean?

At bare minimum, your website needs to follow these 9 rules via CrossFit Inc.:

  1. You must have the CrossFit Journal logo/link on your CrossFit homepage. The link needs to go to the “Start here” page, not just the Journal home page. Please use the exact code found here:
  2. If you are a gym that is not solely CrossFit (i.e. you offer martial arts, etc.), you must create a separate CrossFit page on your website. Please be sure you put the CrossFit Journal link on your CrossFit page. This is the page that we will be linking to.
  3. All links to CrossFit materials must be links to the CrossFit site. You cannot use locally hosted versions of CrossFit material (e.g., PDF files, etc).
  4. Ensure all content on your site is original or properly attributed. In other words, if you copy (or paraphrase) any content from the main site or another affiliate, you must give credit. “Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.” is fine.
  5. All photos from and the CrossFit Journal, and all CrossFit logos and graphics are copyrighted by CrossFit Inc. and none may be used without permission and attribution. The Athena (pit bull) graphics are not available for use.
  6. No wholesale reproduction of main site content is authorized. Please link instead.
  7. “Place your CrossFit affiliate name in a prominent location, and always please remember to capitalize the “F” whenever you use the trademark “CrossFit.” Thanks!”
  8. The affiliate name provided on the site (e.g., CrossFit ABC) should be exactly the same as the name used in the license agreement.
  9. Include actual location (city, state) and contact info somewhere prominent on the site.

If this list seems complicated or too complicated, don’t worry.  If you’ve got a professional creating your website they are well versed in these rules and will ensure you comply.

But then there’s next level things you should consider, like what your visitors expect when they come to your website. If you’re going to go through the trouble of getting a website up, at least go that extra few feet and take this short list into consideration:

  1. Potential members will still troll CrossFit® websites for your daily WODs. This is how they decide if they’re your “style” or not. Show off your well varied programming and perhaps modifications to eliminate any intimidation by high skill/weight movements.
  2. Blog about stuff. I know, who has the time! But seriously, if you knew how effective they were you’d make time. Potential members will check out the blog to see what you’re all about, what you’re in to, what your members look like, what your gym looks like, and anything else that will help them decide if you’re a match. This is where you can go into a little more depth about members, events, how-to’s, motivational topics and so much more.
  3. Then there’s social media. I could probably assume that you’re already on FB and IG, but seriously, put your darn links on your website! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for a gym on social media only to give up and go to their website to hopefully find the link. And everyone knows the social media buttons go at the top or bottom – put them there so you don’t annoy anyone before you get the chance to meet them! People want to social stalk you like they would before a first date, don’t be that weirdo.

Finally, you can knock their socks off if you do all that and a bag of sweet potato chips. I’m talking about the “wow” factor. How are you going to stand out from that other website they just visited? Easy – Be remarkable. You have to be creative to thrive. This means growing and adapting with the times.

If your website is remarkable, people will think you are too. People want to be in with the best, not the average. Look like you’re the best, because aren’t you?

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