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5 ways your homepage can increase your membership.

All affiliate websites are not created equally.

There are those that are simply thrown together for the sake of affiliate status and then there are those that have purpose.

I get it, sometimes you need time to figure out your true-to-you purpose, but shouldn’t one of the big ones be get more members?!

It’s amazing how a website becomes so much about personal preference, that we forget to look at it like a prospective member would. What jumps out at them? What do they want to find that they can’t?

If you’re not converting many new visitors on your website, your homepage might be missing something on the checklist below:

1. Address and phone number. The best place for your address and phone number is the header or footer of your website because people are trained to look there for contact information, but a call-out on your home page could be useful too!

If you’re using the Yoast SEO plug-in that we include with our website builds, make sure to include your address and phone number in the page description so that when you show up in Google results, people will notice this relevant information faster.



2. Social Media links and/or widgets. Sometimes people like what they see on your website, but they are still in discovery mode. Most people need to contemplate if CrossFit and/or your box is right for them so they’ll want to get to know you better before they make a decision.

Statistics show that most online conversions do not happen the first time they visit your site. They think about it and come back. Why not try to make friends and stay in front of them on social media in the meantime?



3. The WOD. It’s important for non-members to see your WOD because they want to get an idea of what they could be doing with you… even if they don’t really understand the lingo yet. It gets them pumped!


4. Call to ACTION. Sometimes you get a viewer who likes what they see, are totally pumped, and have already made their decision to try you. A “call-to-action” is something that provokes the view to take action.

One of my favorite call-to-actions is an invitation to a free workout (the “call) with a waiver download (the “action”) for first timers. Make sure you also let them know what to expect, wear and bring to their first workout. I love the waiver download idea because it turns into a marketing piece as soon as they print it out… reminding them to get their butt to the gym!

Another call-to-action might be a newsletter sign-up form where you promise training tips (perhaps that relate to the programing such as stretches or prep videos), recipes and member news.

A more simple call-to-action is an invitation to connect. This is different than just stating your contact info because it reassures people that you really want to help them. The CrossFit culture can be intimidating, so using your verbiage to invite people to get in touch is another great way to provoke action.



5. Personality. This should really be at the top, but I didn’t want you to just read this and then miss the rest!

Personality is half design and half photos.

The design gives the viewer a general feeling about what they can expect from you as a business. Are you well organized? Does everything work properly? Does it reflect your style?

The photos give the viewer a sense of what could be! That could be THEM. It’s important to choose photos that depict what your actual athletes look like… beginners, moms, students, seniors, and yes, your competitive athletes too! Great photos can even be taken on your cell phone and dressed up with apps like Snapseed.


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